BPO Certification Test generation process

The Certification Test is consistently evolving to meet the needs of the valuation industry. NABPOP utilizes the input and feedback, from QC departments of many BPO Companies, to update and keep current the Certification Test as well as the NABPOP BPO Education section for members. QC Departments provide common mistakes from BPO submissions as well as the exceptional BPO submissions – what “right” looks like.


Step 1 The BPO Certification Test Questions are generated by input and suggestions from the following groups:


   •  QC departments from various BPO companies:
        o  Common mistakes that are found on BPO submissions
        o  Exceptional BPO submissions – what “right” looks like
   •  Advisory board of experienced active vendors (agents, brokers, appraisers) in the field performing BPOs
   •  Advisory board of representatives from various BPO Companies, Banks, Real Estate Lenders, and Financial Institutions.


Step 2 Compile information

  * Specific NABPOP advisors with education experience write questions and answers
       • Advisory Board review/approval and weight each test question
       •  BPO Company review/approval and weight each test question

  * Publish test to beta test group
       •  Select group of members with varying levels of BPO experience
       •  Monitor beta test group statistics
          o  Entire Test - Pass/Fail statistics
          o  Each Question – Correct vs. Incorrect
  * Revise questions as necessary
  * Validate questions


Step 3 Revise test as necessary


Step 4 Publish live test/assign test version


Step 5 Monitor live test

  * Entire Test - Pass/Fail statistics
  * Each Question – Correct vs. Incorrect


Step 6 Repeat process


Each question on the test is evaluated, categorized, and weighted based on the following criteria. In order to do a competent BPO report, a professional:
   •  Must Know the test question – 10 points each
   •  Should Know the test question – 5 points each
   •  Knowledge is not essential, but adds price – 1 point each