Directory of BPO Professionals

The Directory of BPO Professionals is available in order to find qualified BPO professionals that provide BPO evaluations. The Directory has a website interface that is searchable by zip code, city, and/or county.

The Directory is beneficial to users because it offers superior real estate professionals because the most qualified members sort to the top of the directory.


The Directory of Members, which includes C-REPS - Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists, REPs Real Estate Pricing Specialists (non-certified members), and RPN - Registered Pricing Network (basic members), is designed to encourage and drive professional excellence. When a search is performed for a given service area, all the Real Estate Professionals that have selected that area (as one of their service areas) will pull up in the search. For most service areas, multiple C-REPS, REPS, and/or RPNs will pull up in a search. The sort order (watch a video) is the key to the entire process as the most qualified and most current C-REPS will sort to the top based on the following criteria:

  1. Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist C-REPS sort first followed by REPS (non-certified members) then RPNs - i.e. certified first then non-certified. The C-REPS are usually a large group that is further sorted by;

  2. Certification score. A simple descending sort order will place the highest scores at the top descending to the lowest scores. Competition for the top spots will foster the desire to achieve a certification score of 100%. In order for a C-REPS to achieve 100%, the C-REPS must know every facet of the BPO process. Provided there are multiple C-REPS that achieve 100% and/or multiple C-REPS with the same score, these groups will further sort by;

  3. Certification date. A reverse chronological sort will place the C-REPS with the most recent certification date on top. This will encourage C-REPS to re-certify often.

  4. Seniority. If there are more than one C-REPS with the same certification score and date, then they are further sorted by NABPOP seniority – the senior C-REPS sort over the less experienced.


Watch a video about the Directory and sorting

Please contact us if you are interested in gaining access to the Directory. Access is free of charge for BPO Companies, Banks, Lenders, Asset Managers, and Financial Institutions and there is no obligation.

Additionally, if you would like to receive a data upload to include any part of the above sort criteria in your vendor selection criteria more info. We will be happy to discuss data options with you and/or your IT department. NABPOP can send you electronic updates as often as you like. Most data services are free of charge.