Vendor Recruiting Campaigns

NABPOP has a vested interest in expanding the membership base - recruiting translates into more revenues for the association. NABPO also has the goal of providing 100% complete national BPO vendor coverage. Most BPO & REO Companies have areas (mostly rural and low population cities) that their coverage is thin or non-existent. Chances are that the Directory of BPO Professionals is thin in the same areas. Individually, a BPO Company may have a difficult time recruiting a Real Estate Professional to complete a few BPOs here and there – that proposition may seem like a waist of time to the agent/broker or not worth a few hundred dollars a year.


By rolling up all the BPO Companies’ requirements in these areas, NABPOP can approach that same situation with a more attractive offer for the agent/broker in the small towns and/or rural area. If XYZ Company has 2/year, ABC Company has 3/year, PDQ Company has 5/year, you can start to see that these numbers can add up. Furthermore, XYZ Company may approach agent X and ABC Co may approach broker Y in the same area and most likely will be turned down by both vendors because it isn’t worth the potential vendors time – and it really isn’t worth their time individually.


By combining the vendor needs of multiple BPO Companies, NABPOP can make a much more attractive offer and recruit into these areas much more effectively than with each individual company’s approach. Win Win Win


Rather than each individual BPO company – each with their fraction of BPO work in a rural area – trying to find different Real Estate Professionals to do, what amounts to be, a small amount of work, NABPOP can approach a Real Estate Professional as a representative for all the BPO companies.


Contact Us to get on the distribution list for vendor recruiting campaigns. You can have all of your “place and chase” reps on the distribution; after all, they are usually the ones that know, better than anyone, where they are short of vendors.


NABPOP uses two approaches to decide where to recruit. NABPOP reviews the Directory of BPO Professionals and based on household population versus Directory coverage, an area is determined.


NABPOP will also take nominations from any BPO Company in need. Once an area is chosen or nominated, we will send everyone on the distribution list a spreadsheet of all the areas that we will target. The spreadsheet is broken down by county, city, and zip code. If you need a vendor in any of the areas on the list (be it county, city, or zip), simply put the volume that you anticipate on the corresponding row for that specific or general area. If you can’t give the volume but still need a vendor in that area, place a mark such as an X or yes for that county, city, or zip. Some companies simply give us their national volume; and, based on the ratio of national households vs targeted area households, we can arrive at an estimate. NABPOP strictly maintains confidentiality with all information from participating companies i.e. NABPOP will not disclose specific volume information; only aggregated figures and only to potential members/BPO vendors.


NABPOP takes all the respondents volumes, roll them up into aggregated volumes, and start calling on Real Estate Professionals in those areas. As soon as NABPOP recruits a professional in an area that you have indicated, we will put them in contact with you to get signed up.


If you see an area that we are recruiting into and you already have good vendor coverage, consider referring those vendors to the association. This will translate into those vendors getting more work (and they may not call you looking for work as much). It’s a good way for you to take care of the vendors that take care of you and NABPOP would greatly appreciate the referral. Win Win