Shorter BPO Turn time

Turn time in the BPO industry is a big buzz word. The faster a BPO is delivered to the consumer the better. BPO vendors that are certified through NABPOP can reduce your BPO turn time in the following ways:
   • Fewer rejections
   • State of the art techniques and procedures - more efficient
   • BPO job resources
   • Additional support

NABPOP can get your current BPO vendor pool certified. Implementation may be easier than you think. Many of your current vendors may already be members of NABPOP.


Fewer rejections
BPO rejections typically add at least a day onto a BPO not to mention the drain on your resources to get the rejections rectified. There may be a lot of reasons for rejections, but it usually boils down to lack of knowledge. A BPO certified vendor will have the required knowledge in order to complete BPOs that are approved the first time. On an individual basis this is beneficial and the more of your vendors that are trained properly in the correct BPO and price evaluation methodology, the lower your aggregate BPO turnaround time will become.

State of the Art Techniques, Procedures, and Resources
NABPOP continuously strive to offer members the best and most up-to-date Techniques, Procedures, and Resources as possible. NABPOP draws on a myriad of inputs to accomplish this. NABPOP takes input from members, BPO companies (QC departments), and the advisory board. NABPOP strives to harness the collective knowledge and skills of these inputs to produce state of the art techniques and the best resources available. NABPOP members have access to these BPO resources that aide them in efficiently and accurately completing BPO reports.

Additional Support
NABPOP has an excellent communication platform via a professional BPO chat forum. Many members find answers to questions, difficult situations, and stay current by posting questions and answers on the forum. The non-competitive and helpful nature of the forum lends itself ideally to supporting members’ needs before they become problems.

Members can also find support with the BPO support team. Between the support team and the BPO chat forum, members are well supported.