BPO Certification Test features

The Primary Certification Test (PCT) is a comprehensive on-line test with a 1.5 hour time limit with approximately 80 questions. Each PCT has a different mix of questions, so no test is ever the same. The time limit is conservative and is designed to allow enough time to complete the test, but not to the extent where answers can be researched and/or extraneously deliberated over. Scoring at least 80% is required to pass the test. Successful completion of the PCT will confer the designation Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist (C-REPS) for full members of NABPOP. Members may take as many PCTs as it takes to pass the test and/or achieve their desired score.

The Current Certification Test (CCT) is a summary test with fewer questions and takes significantly less time to complete than the PCT (1/2 hour time limit with approximately 25 questions). The purpose of the CCT is to keep a member’s certification as current as possible. The CCT has no effect on a member’s certification score and only updates a member’s certification date. When a member passes the CCT (scoring over 80%), their certification date is updated to the CCT date (the certification score on record does not change). If a member fails the CCT or any subsequent CCTs, their certification date will remain as the last passed CCT or PCT date. A failing CCT essentially has no effect on a member’s certification status – once a member certifies, they are certified until the certification expires. The scores from the CCTs have no effect on certification scores and are not published in the directory, only the date (with a passing CCT) is posted. A member is not eligible to take the CCT until they have passed the PCT.

Feedback/Test Review
Each test, PCT and CCT, provide feedback for members. After a member finishes a test, they receive a review of the questions that they missed. The review explains the concepts behind the questions that are missed on the test. The review ensures that members gain the understanding that is required to pass the test and ultimately to complete competent and accurate BPOs. The review does not give the correct answers to the questions missed; it details the concepts of the missed questions so that members gain knowledge and skills as opposed to learning how to simply pass the test.

To re-certify, a member must simply pass the CCT. The certification expiration date is 1 year after your last passing CCT. If a member’s certification expires, then they will have to take the PCT to certify again.

A member can take as many PCTs and CCTs as they wish; however, charges may apply. Full members receive three free tests per 30 day window. Each test (PCT or CCT) after three (within the 30 day window) is $5.00/test.

There is a $15.00 per test (PCT or CCT) charge for basic RVN members.

A certification test password is required in order to access the on-line test (PCT or CCT). Each password is good for one test. Passwords can be found in the member's profile.