Hard to Place BPO orders Bulletin Board

If your organization is having a hard time finding Real Estate Professionals to perform BPOs in certain areas – the “Hard to Place BPOs”, we may have a few solutions. 

What NABPOP Can Do for Your Organization?

1.You can post your Hard to Place BPOs on a Bulletin Board that is checked by our network of Real Estate Professionals every day.
2.If you provide us with a list of problem areas, we will attempt to recruit and train Real Estate Professionals in those areas.

NABPOP has a network of Real Estate Professionals that perform BPOs every day.  Most of them are trying to expand their BPO business and may consider your hard to place areas as an alternative.  Additionally, there may be Real Estate Professionals in our group that are performing BPOs for other companies in these areas and they are simply not in your network or database.  This would represent a perfect fit and you will have one less hard to place area to worry about.

The real power of this Bulletin Board is the synergy of multiple companies posting jobs on the Bulletin Board. FYI, Members of NABPOP only have access to see the postings on the Bulletin Baord and must log in to see the postings, so organizations can only see their own postings - not other BPO organizations' postings.
The following example illistrates the power of accumulating BPO orders and presenting them in one place. Your organization has an order in Tembuctu for $80 and you can only find a vendor that is 50 miles from Tembuctu. The vendor turns down the order because it is too far to drive for $80. Company A has an interior BPO in Tembuctu for $100, Company B has a driveby in Tembuctu for $60, Co C has a property verification for $50, and Co D has an interior for $90. The only thing that each company knows is that they have a problem locating a vendor because none of their vendors are willing to drive to Tembuctu.

By posting on the Bulletin Board, the vendor that is 50 miles away, can see that the Tembuctu area has BPOs and related work that total $300. Problem solved for each company and the vendor is happy to make $300 in orders.

This Bulletin Board has proven to be effective for the organizations that are using it. There are also scenarios where vendors have mapped out a route in a general circle and picked up all the jobs within the circle. BPO Companies have also recruited new vendors by posting on the Bulletin Board. Now they have a go to vendor in areas that they had difficulties finding vendors.


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