BPO Vendor recruiting in rural areas

Recruiting NABPOP has a vested interest in expanding memberships and, subsequently, our network - as with any association – by recruiting more members. Your hard to place areas represent an easier recruiting effort on our part because work will be readily available for any Real Estate Professional located in those areas. If you provide us with a list of your problem areas, we will focus our recruiting effort into those areas. This will give us a larger membership base and gives you a more robust and well rounded directory. Our goal is to have a Directory of BPO Professionals that has COMPLETE coverage across the US.

Vendor Recruiting Campaigns


NABPOP gains with each new member. NABPOP is also interested in providing a well rounded Directory of BPO Professionals to the valuation industry. By combining the needs of each BPO Company, NABPOP can approach potential vendors in small cities and/or rural areas with a more attractive offer than any one individual company. NABPOP will conduct recruiting campaigns in areas that are needed.


More on vendor recruiting and the Win Win scenario of the association recruiting versus individual companies recruiting efforts.


To request NABPOP to recruit a vendor for you in an area(s), please Contact Us.