BPO Certification Process

The hallmark of NABPOP is the BPO Certification. To become certified, a member must pass one test; however, there is a process involved in:

   1. becoming certified
   2. achieving a high certification score
   3. remaining as current as possible


To certify, a member must pass one test. Passing the test is difficult and requires most testers to go through a “process” simply to pass the test more info. After each test (pass or fail) members receive feedback and a review of the test to maximize the learning process.

After becoming certified, many members continuously strive to achieve a high certification score. The dedicated and driven members continue testing until they achieve 100%. The directory of BPO Professionals is primarily sorted by certification score to ensure the most qualified BPO professionals are at the top of the directory.

Finally, the directory sorting criteria gives members the incentive stay as current as possible on their certification. The dedicated members continuously re-test (typically quarterly) to maintain a current certification date. As the industry evolves with new processes, techniques, policies etc…, NABPOP members are sure to pick up the changes relatively quickly because NABPOP members have the incentive to re-cert often rather than wait as long as possible to re-certify as with most certifications.

Each stage of certification normally involves a process and the overall certification can be considered a process as well. The compilation of testing-review-study-retesting to initially pass the certification along with the incentive to stay as current as possible comprises the “BPO certification process”.