NABPOP Services Available to a BPO Company

NABPOP services available to BPO Companies:


Valuation Industry Interface – V.I.I.    More info

      • Directory of BPO Professionals    More info

      • Hard to Place BPOs Bulletin Board     More info

      • Listing in the Directory of BPO & REO Companies     More info


Vendor Recruiting Campaigns in rural areas BPO companies recruiting vs Individual BPO Company recruiting     More info


BPO Company employee BPO training program     More info


NABPOP provides to your BPO Vendors:

      • BPO Education and Training      reduce or eliminate your training burden

      • BPO Certification     More info

      • BPO technical support

      • BPO Resources 

      • Support through networking


Gain access to the Valuation Industry Interface.  Set up all of your vendor management/“place and chase” reps with access     request a password(s)

      • Help you find quality BPO vendors     More info

      • Directory of BPO Professionals      More info

      • As simple as typing in a zip code - you can find the most qualified vendor in that zip code      More info


Valuation Industry Interface features:

      • Hard to Place BPO Bulletin Board     More info

      • NABPOP’s directory of BPO Companies

          o Recruit new quality vendors

               - Get on the Distribution to receive notifications when a NABPOP members becomes certified     Contact us

          o Get listed in NABPOP BPO/REO Company Directory.  Control your company listing in NABPOP's BPO Company Directory     More info

               - Show or Hide your company listing

               - Edit your profile

               - Provide new vendor sign up instructions

      • Help you find vendors in rural areas – low density vendor areas   More info

          o NABPOP recruiting program in rural areas and/or low vendor density areas (No cost to you)

          o Regional Recruiting Drives

               - A region is nominated (by NABPOP or any BPO Company)

               - NABPOP sends out a list of targeted areas.  Simply indicate which areas you need vendors in and we put you in contact with the vendors we recruit in that area.      Sign up for distribution

          o Recruiting requests for specific areas

      • NABPOP can provide your company with data feeds

          o Your company assigned vendor ID number is included with the data feed to link into your system     More info

      • Screen your new vendors    More info