BPO Certification Test

The BPO certification test is a 1.5 hour comprehensive online exam available to professionals of the BPO industry (NABPOP members and non-members).  The Certification Test is based on the tips, techniques, and procedures of NABPOP’s BPO Education and BPO Resources Sections.  Members of NABPOP have full access the BPO Education section and the BPO Resources Section.


The test is stringent and not everyone passes the test.  Although only one passing test is required to certify, it takes an average of 4 tests to certify.  This is not a “gimme” test and not everyone certifies.  There is a review at the end or each test taken that describe what questions were missed and provides the theory and logic on how to get the answers right.  The review also refers to the education section for further studying. 


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